I met Cassa through a model that I use to work with, whilst I worked at Boohoo studio in Manchester.

Cassa contacted me through Instagram at that time to ask me to style her hair for a music video shoot, but I had to turn her down at the time as I was busy with other work, but we kept in touch.

We use to chat from time to time, and I could see she really needed some help with her image and to get some good images to use for her work. So from that  I arranged a team consisting of a stylist, photographer and and makeup artist from Boohoo; all of who were my friends I have worked with.

On the shoot Chloe, the stylist, really came up with some strong looks so I really wanted to vamp the hair up too.

I started with a cool wave, then I went in with some crimpers to give some big hair and texture to her hair.

We shot in a really cool studio in Manchester and then headed up to the roof top to get some really cool shots!

Check out the YouTube video for behind the scenes.

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