Cassa was asked to join the tour by the boy’s of the man/boy band JLS who found fame on the X factor and Cassa said “James you have to style my hair!”

I couldn’t do all of the tour due to work commitments at home, but I did work on some of UK’s biggest cities including my home town of Leeds.

I’ll break down the looks I did for all the cities.


Cassa didn’t know this, but I came to Birmingham prepared with a ponytail hair piece that I got from the hair rehab London range. I gave Cassa a very sleek back ponytail leaving two pieces of hair at the front, as Cassa didn’t like her hair fully off of her face. The whole look looked very sleek and Cassa loved it!


I bought some hair clip ins that matched Cassa’a hair colour. I took them back to the salon and tinted them to her actual hair colour and gave them a Balayage to highlight them at the ends; to give the hair a really natural look. I wanted to give Cassa a really soft curly blow wave look.


In Leeds I didn’t use any extra hair, I just went with a really soft wave on her own hair. Cassa had a sparkly suit jacket on so we wanted to show the jacket off and long hair would of taken away from it.


Cassa was given an amazing outfit to wear from a London based designer for the Liverpool gig. We discussed to do the ponytail look once again. I wanted to soften the look a little, so I did a flick on the ponytail and I curled the front of her hair.


I wanted to do a really girly look for Cassa as she was wearing a pink dress for this gig. I did a half up half down soft wave and she looked so pretty for the show.

Manchester- 2 nights

The first night at Manchester we went for the ponytail look once again, but again I gave it another twist by doing a side part wave and it looked really cute! I also curled the ends of the ponytail.

Night 2 I used the clip ins again and I styled the hair with a textured wave. I added some braids at the front of her hair so she had something different and I must say it looked really cool!