I was asked to work on a very exciting shoot at the Harrogate studios, where the theme was winter wonderland.

The day was for photographers and creatives, who took part in a styled shoot.

The 3 models had different hair types and, with the styling, I kept the girls looking very natural and enhanced their natural hair textures. 

For Zoe, who had Afro curly hair, I used a hair dryer to stretch her hair and then sprayed her hair with water. I then used an Afro comb to dress hair her out and styled it with volume.

For Jasmin, I used the smallest curling tong I have in my kit and I twisted her hair in small sections around the tong. Each section I twisted in a different direction. Once I finished with the tongs, I lightly back combed her hair using my fingers. I didn’t used any products to prep and I used a light hair spray to finish the look.

For Hannah, I did a very soft glam wave. I prepped the hair with Kevin Murphy’s anti gravity spray and I blow dried the product into the hair. I used a medium curling tong, tonging all the hair in the same direction. To finish, I brushed her hair using a soft brush and finished with some Kevin Murphy session hair spray.

I hope you like the looks!